Aims and Objectives

Welcome To My Homepage About Aims and Objectives


-To advocate for sex work to be decriminalized or redefined as ‘work’ or ‘labour’ and make a distinction between forced prostitution and voluntary sex work through recognizing sex workers’ as full citizens and civil society members, striving for survival under harsh economic conditions.


-To network with human rights organizations which support the rights of sexworkers to strengthen WONETHA to be the sexworkers alliance/network of all NGO’s working with sexworkers in Uganda



-To advocate for the government of Uganda to include sexworkers in the HIV/AIDS National strategic plan and effectively address the HIV/AIDS/TB scourge in relation to sex work, by promoting information dissemination about STDs and accessing medical treatment for sex workers, clients of sex workers, and individuals involved in the sex industry (brothel owners, pimps, security guards, etc) without discrimination



-To conduct weekly outreach programs mobilize and unite sex workers so that we create a strong voice and movement for the rights of sexworkers.


-To lobby the media to STOP sensationalizing sex work, to produce accurate unbiased reporting, and to respect the privacy of sex workers by being granted permission to print names and pictures of sex workers.


-To 80% empowered sexworkers able to negotiate for safer sex by using condoms.


All sex workers are welcome to be part of WONETHA regardless of area of work, race, ethnicity, class, gender or sexual orientation.